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Purchase of any image from this site assumes you have read and understand the terms and conditions.

Some images are sized to go, please be aware of the size before purchase. These are likely to be in the Graphics to go section.

Graphics to go

End User use.. You are using this design within your website, online pages, you can add words yourself, but it is not to be sold then to your client. If you want to do this, you need to choose the commercial use version of the license. Please be aware they are sized smaller than other images on the website.

and not adding words and selling to others unless you choose the commercial use version and then please be aware that these are sized smaller than the other Images available.


IMAGES & Graphics

Commercial Use license.

All images in this section carry a commercial use liencse with the following terms.

This means you can use them in your derivative design / project and make money from that end result.

You can work for others, as long as you are not offering the image for sale as is. You Must add words, a book cover, something...create a book cover, logo, promotional product (that is given for free or for no profit.)

What you can't do
Do not resell AS IS
Do not take and crop and put up for sale individually or part of a kit.
If your client wants the plain image, direct them to me.

You are not allowed to take any images, edit them and offer them for sale to others without text, that is the equivalent of what I am doing and it is not allowed.

You are not allowed to use them on print on demand sites such as Zazzle and the like.

You are creating a design which you sell to your client, your client then pops this on a product ( notebook etc) which they are selling to their customers for a profit (Not above 100 products per IMAGE)

Digital Card designers. You are uploading designs to the digital Card making sites and your END USER is a person who can then make a handmade card and sell that card. (CU4CU)

Scrapbooking- You are making designs for the scrapbooking world, your end user can make Scrapbooks for others for payment ie CU4CU
(but you can not use this image to make scrapbooking products for use for other designers to sell to their end user. You would need to add on the extended License for this.)

Extended Licence

You want to crop the image, and offer for sale with no words additional design to your clients. You can not use full size, it must be a different size or crop.

If you want to use them on print on demand sites.

Mass production of products for sale- over 100 units.

Scrapbooking designs to be sold to other designers who make kits they sell to an end user.. ie 3 levels of CU.

The copyright of the image always retains to myself ©HelenWilliams even if you add layers, re-colour, crop bits etc

All Images

I Helen Williams will not be held responsible legally or financially for any losses or unmet expectations that arise from the use of any downloaded image on this site.

I do not allow images to be used to promote illegal activities.

Purchase of any image from this site assumes you have read and understand the terms and conditions.

Please contact me for a sample if you are unsure, digital sales are final.

If you want to HALT SALES on an image, please contact me Or for access to the secret folders to view other images.