My name is Helen, apart from Reading, I love Photography & Digital Design, have a Husband who also loves Photography, 2 Sons and 3 dogs.

I work with stock photos from various sites

iStock / 123rf / fotolia
and many more......

Fonts. Well, they are like my shoes. An addiction, I love looking at new fonts. MyFonts is a favourite. CreativeMarket. But there are many out there and so reasonable.

I buy photos and use my own, I also use graphics under license, and photos supplied by Authors. I do not use photos lifted from the internet.

My Rating System

5* = Perfection, Loved it, Could not read it fast enough, i am a emotional happy wreck!!! Spread the word Now!!

4.5* Oh so Fabulous I can barely stand it.

4* = Loved it.

3.5*= A Good read.

3* = I Liked it.

2.5 = Editing issues spoiled the potentially good storyline.

2* = Read it, it was just not my usual cup of tea. Or there are more serious editing issues.

1* = Hardly likely i will use this! But this is for serious editing issues or a storyline that it just not for me.

All reviews whether they were Purchased or were received as ARC's or if I know the Author, have designed for the Author, never heard of the Author.... Are My Opinion, they are not influenced by anyone, including other Bloggers, Friends or anyone.

I have an affiliate scheme with Amazon.co.uk running on this site.

I also design Greeting Cards and play about with my photos, i use Photoshop for this, turning them into Digital Card designs for sale:craftsuprint

Hellsbellscards.com is not making cards anymore....the designs are available to purchase and make for yourself at Craftsuprint.com, or there are cardmakers selling the designs throughout the UK, look for the links to buy under the designs.